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It's a legal requirement for offices, factories and commercial properties to provide healthy indoor environments. Unfortunately, not every building was originally designed this way.


Westford Mechanical Ltd can design and install new ventilation systems that improve the air quality, whilst minimising it's impact on the environment. We use the latest heat recovery techniques, which can recycle up to 80% of the warmth, reducing your costs.

It is becoming increasingly popular to have have venitilation systems that are designed and installed alongside air conditioning systems. This increases energy efficiency and provides greater protection. Call us today to discuss combined installations.

•  Supply air and extract systems

•  Sheet metal duct work systems

•  Cross flow heat exchangers

•  Toilet extract units

•  Air conditioned fresh air ventilation

•  Energy efficient technology

Keeping your air clean

Air ventilation systems

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Ventilation systems supplied and installed around Taunton